logging Op at Hospital Hill


SDS lumber has started a logging operation on the top of Hospital Hill. As a result they have closed their lands in the area to ALL recreational usage. This closure will be in affect till at least June 1, 2013. It all depends on when they get the operation finished.

They are very serious about wanting everyone to stay out of the area. Much of the work will be done with cable haul machinery – this means that huge trees may be moving with little noise. They do not want anyone to get hurt.

To see the map of their lands and what is closed and their official statement one can go here:


Please note that they are not logging all their lands on the map (red overlay on map) however ALL their lands identified on the map are closed.

Please respect that this is their land that they let us recreate on most of the year.

Basically the back side of Hospital Hill and the Top area are closed

Short List (not all) of trails affected:

The back side – Evergreen Highway / Spring St trail is closed above the wooden gate half way up
Triple Bypass
Monkey Trail
Hector Connector
White Knuckles
Crazy Fingers
Everything by and around the two barbed wire gates at the top of Hospital Hill

If you are climbing up the front side please go straight at the salt lick or right at the three-way intersection heading SE towards the bench.

A distribution will be made once the are is open again.

Thank You

Douglas Van Zandt

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