April 20 Cold Creek Shuttle Day Recap


At the Cold Creek Shuttle Day everyone had smiles. Riders showed up in force to enjoy the trails together. Out of town race teams were checking out the trails for upcoming events. Some young local DH racers were ripping/breaking smaller bikes. A hard tail was seen on Thrillium? Lots of first timers ripping the trails along with locals rediscovering old trails.
Photo Stack of SW Washington MTB Thillum trail.
With 4 shuttle rigs, wait times were at a minimum.  Lines were seldom seen, If there was a wait for a shuttle it was usually in groups of folks chatting. The overall atmosphere was fun, laid back and relaxed.

Being the first of 5 events, planned for 2013, we are in for a great season at Cold Creek. Thank you to everyone that showed up. Both volunteers and riders made this event a success. June 1st, the next shuttle event, can not come quick enough.

MTB shuttles in the Portland area.

“CCMTB is by far the newest hot spot for SW Washington and Portland Metro folks, a short 30 min drive to the best track, easy shuttling, unreal scenery and challenging terrain features makes me dream about returning” ~Mike Estes

“Thank you to the CCMTB crew for a great shuttle day.” ~ Todd McCarthy

“Thanks for introducing me to the awesome trails you have. I’m definitely going to be back!” ~ Jason Edens

“Thanks for the hard work and an awesome shuttle day guys!” ~ Gene Kishinevsky