HI-5 BIKES presents Thrillium and Cold Creek Work Party!

Our good friends at HI-5 BIKES are generously supporting our next work party. On March 15th and 16th we will be working on both Cold Creek and Thrillium. The plan is to finish the bottom of Thrillium along with working on some drainage and berms on Cold Creek. Lunch, beer and some swag will be provided. We’ll meet at the bridge at 8:00 AM with lunch at 1:00 PM both days. Please let us know if you plan to attend so we can have a head count.

Image of March's workparty at Cold Creek and Trillium Mt. Bike Trails near Battleground.

CCMTB Annual Meeting At the Lumber Yard

Please join us for our Annual Meeting At the Lumber Yard, Tuesday January 28th!!! Ride from 4PM to 10PM, meeting at 7PM. If you want to ride and eat, the Lumberyard has offered a generous discount. $21.47 to ride, get a delicious Pub @ The Yard meal, and a drink! Want to ride a new bike? Rentals are $7.95! Don’t want to ride? The meeting is FREE!

The past year CCMTB has been a chapter of Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance. This means many things, including having a voice at the State level for local trail advocacy. To show our gratitude, we would like to see the Cold Creek Chapter membership numbers increase.  You can become a member by going to : http://evergreenmtb.org/membership/. Please make sure to select Cold Creek Chapter. There will also be an opportunity to sign up at the meeting.

We will have a special raffle at the meeting for all who became members during the month of January. Our sponsors are still donating items for this. Bring proof of membership or signup at the meeting and get a Ticket!

We hope to see you  there!

Party In the Woods!

Some of our friends from Transition Bikes came down to the Cold Creek Experience, and it was a Party in the Woods. This lucky guy, from the Seattle area, won this prototype Klunker that Transition generously donated. Thank you Transition, for your part in creating the weekends experience!Stack of photos representing Transition bikes at the Cold Creek Expierence.

Diamondback Scapegoat Raffle

Winner of the CCMTB Diamondback Scapegoat catching some air on a Mountainbike Trail in SW Washington.

The lucky winner of the Diamondback Scapegoat raffle is the local young shredder Steven Stiles! Thank you Diamondback for the generous gift. Proceeds from this raffle will go towards projects in the Cold Creek Trail system.

April 20 Cold Creek Shuttle Day Recap


At the Cold Creek Shuttle Day everyone had smiles. Riders showed up in force to enjoy the trails together. Out of town race teams were checking out the trails for upcoming events. Some young local DH racers were ripping/breaking smaller bikes. A hard tail was seen on Thrillium? Lots of first timers ripping the trails along with locals rediscovering old trails.
Photo Stack of SW Washington MTB Thillum trail.
With 4 shuttle rigs, wait times were at a minimum.  Lines were seldom seen, If there was a wait for a shuttle it was usually in groups of folks chatting. The overall atmosphere was fun, laid back and relaxed.

Being the first of 5 events, planned for 2013, we are in for a great season at Cold Creek. Thank you to everyone that showed up. Both volunteers and riders made this event a success. June 1st, the next shuttle event, can not come quick enough.

MTB shuttles in the Portland area.

“CCMTB is by far the newest hot spot for SW Washington and Portland Metro folks, a short 30 min drive to the best track, easy shuttling, unreal scenery and challenging terrain features makes me dream about returning” ~Mike Estes

“Thank you to the CCMTB crew for a great shuttle day.” ~ Todd McCarthy

“Thanks for introducing me to the awesome trails you have. I’m definitely going to be back!” ~ Jason Edens

“Thanks for the hard work and an awesome shuttle day guys!” ~ Gene Kishinevsky